About the Profit Process®

The Profit Process® was a series of “do-it-yourself” profit improvement workshops developed during my career as a CPA catering to small businesses.

The workshops built on each other; taking a firm from a sole owner “start-up,” to a business with a “value stream” that allowed for its sale, when the owner was ready.

I delivered the workshops in person to owners and senior team members for over 20 years.

While effective in personal conversations, and then as a presenter and consultant to small business owners, my efforts to share these insights were limited by time and geography.

As a retirement project I’m putting the insights into a book, The Profit Process®; Prosperity for the Small Business, and an accompanying Discussion Guide containing tools and templates for owners or groups of owners, coaches and consultants.  I completed the first draft of the book last year and am now engaged in a revision.

I will be putting chapters of this book on this web site as a free download.  All I ask is that you send me your feedback to get access to further chapters.  At the end of each chapter is a link to give me your feedback.  Thank you.  Don Morrison

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 530.432.2885