About the 3-Day MBA

Executive Overview

A three-day workshop for owners and key team members focused on the

constant improvement of the 3 essential financial measures:

Profit – Return on Investment – Cash Flow.

Day 1

Secrets that Drive the Profit Equation

Market overview · targeting · positioning · selling · pricing and discounting · customer service · customer feedback · customer and product profitability

Seeing the company through the eyes of preferred customers and providing them the benefits they want and are willing to pay a premium for.  Tracking the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are benchmarks of customer satisfaction and profitability.

Day 2

Secrets that Drive Return on Investment (ROI)

Financial statement overview · financial statement relationships · asset turns · liquidity  · leverage · return on assets · return on equity · return on investment

Seeing the company through the eyes of investors and creditors and highlighting the financial strengths that make you a desirable customer, supplier, credit risk or potential investment and finally acquisition candidate.

Day 3

Secrets that Drive Cash Flow

The Value Stream throughput · margins · conversion rates · turnover rates · cost, volume and profit relationships · growth strategy and cash flow ·  working capital management and financial strength.

Seeing the company from the internal point of view. What’s in it for us? Financial performance and team rewards rest on the understanding of the business cycle and the speedy conversion of cash into the product or service and then back to cash.