Meet Don Morrison . . .

*“There’s a thread you follow, that goes among things that change, but it doesn’t change. . . while you hold it you can’t get lost.”

I’ve been searching for “something else” all my life.  Like many, I had a hunch that I was missing a piece of life, and that hunch kept me alert and looking—following a thread. I can’t tell you the number of rabbit holes I’ve gone down in my quest for a person or community that resonated with the experiences of my own life.  Early on it seemed that there were more “dead ends” than promising leads.

I chose a career path that allowed me to start down trails that weren’t on any map.  I tried, for a short while, to contain my wanderlust, by trading the security of the corporate world for a steady paycheck—but that didn’t work. After college, a stint in the Air Force, Stanford Business School, and an apprenticeship in a big accounting firm, I went out on my own as a CPA—making a living for my family while following my own path, my own genie, my daemon.

I stayed small, making a modest living while my real concern was following my thread.  I learned from my small business client’s, lots of insights that allowed them to make a living, while following their own threads—exploring their own rabbit holes.

I was intrigued by the idea of “creating value,” the magic that sometimes happens in business.  Over time, I put these business insights into a three-day workshop, “The 3-Day MBA” for small business owners.  That morphed into a series of twelve workshops that I presented to key team members under the banner “The Profit Process®.”  Out of the workshops came a column relating my client’s success and failure stories.  These columns had the desired effect of getting me consulting and accounting clients.

In my 50s I discovered that poetry lifted my spirits and opened my eyes to a new perspective—the possibility of connection to an imaginal “other world,” and a “second life conversation” with what I call my Ally. I found that clients and friends were also searching for the inspiration to source their lives from within, as well as from without.

I took this idea of a “second life conversation” from dreams, poetry and writing into Folsom Prison and for 20 years had these “second life conversations” with groups of inmates who were also looking for “something else.”  The Inside Circle Foundation, a not-for-profit, still carries these conversations forward.

While effective in person-to-person dialogues, and as a consultant to small business owners, my efforts were limited by time and geography.  I tried delivering the workshops over the internet with scant success.

As a retirement project, I’m putting these insights into a book, Living by Your Wits; the Profit Process for the Small Business Owner, and an accompanying Discussion Guide containing tools and templates for groups of owners, coaches and consultants.  I completed the first draft of the book, and am now engaged in a revision.  I’m putting chapters of this book, as I finish them, on this web site as a free download.  All I ask in exchange, is that you that you send me your feedback to, with “Feedback Chapter X” in the subject line.

Thanks.  Don Morrison:  .

*From William Stafford’s poem: “The Way It Is.”