Wealth and Prosperity—a Difference

Working with clients, I noticed a difference between wealth and prosperity—a distinction I hadn’t really considered. Like many business people, I was initially attracted to the goal of limitless wealth. I didn’t define that too closely, but I knew it meant a lot of money! 

And yet… I had clients who were sitting on millions of dollars who did not feel prosperous.  Despite their wealth they were never at peace and driven by a fear of scarcity, even as they would never be hungry or homeless.  I saw that their focus on wealth alone was driven mostly by fear, and its cousin, greed. They didn’t trust the future, and had no confidence in receiving inner guidance.

In other clients I saw that prosperity was a “state of mind”—a deep conviction that while the future is unknowable, no barrier was insurmountable. Prosperity and peace of mind were available to me, to you, and to everyone. What a difference this was from my own fear-driven belief that I would never be prosperous. 

In others I saw that prosperity was a “state of mind”

Prosperity and wealth are not the result of pursuing an “I/Me” ego driven goal.  Sounds obvious, perhaps, but for me this was a breakthrough: the dismantling of a long-crippling belief. I finally understood that true prosperity is the product of a series of intuitive breakthroughs—both internal and external—that take place over time.  Business success might not come quickly, but then too, living my destiny was a life-long project.

I’ve tried to capture this paradox in this book and to present stories from both mindsets.  It’s not “either/or,” it’s “both and,” and learning to move from one to the other; from fear to hope and prosperity.