Technology has moved on from Radio to TV to the Internet and now the Smart Phone but I am still tuned to WIFM — “What is in it for me?”

Technology has moved on from Radio to TV to the Internet browser and now the Smart Phone. But as a listener or browser I am still tuned to: “WIFM”— “What is in it for me?”

Like a radar scope, I constantly scan the horizon for a blip that will make life better; solve a frustration, give me money or pleasure, meet some deep desire—desires often hidden even from myself. Desire is like an iceberg, below the surface—but it keeps me alert.

In this constant search, I am frequently disappointed, getting “taken” by an empty promise. The current cliché for this “disappointment experience” is “click bait;” something that seemed promising but turns out to be “false.”

The promise is usually, “give me your time, or attention, or money, in exchange for what I offer.” On the internet I’ll give the “pitch” a few seconds, and then move on, disappointed yet again.

But the hunger for an honest answer is still there. We don’t give up. Pursuing a promising possibility may even become an addiction.

In the Profit Process Handbook, I ask the business owner, “what is your Compelling Value Difference?” What is your answer to the WIFM question? What honest answer can you deliver every time—no disappointments. That answer is the key to your prosperity.

If your business is struggling, you might find Chapter 3 helpful; Red or Black—Finding your Compelling Value Difference (CVD)—a difference that meets an unspoken frustration or deep desire—but is below the surface.

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