Mãna—Your Compelling Value Difference

“Value” is a worn-out term with no emotional charge—flat—blah. So, rather than talk about value, I’d like to use the term “mãna”...

Mãna (pronounced mán-ya), is your emotional connection to an old jacket, or your hairdresser, or a restaurant—it’s an experience you trust. But how do you create that loyalty in your customer?

We talk about “value” as if we know what we mean.  But it’s a worn-out term with no emotional charge—flat—blah.  So, rather than talk about “value,” I’d like to use the term “mãna,” a word I created and will give its own meaning:  Mãna is attraction with intensity.

Mãna is that quality of a product, or a personal service that vibrates in the belly and says—“yes!”—I trust this.  It is a fragile thing that grows out of the character of the person offering the product or service.  It is more than just commercial appeal.  It is a resonance that you feel deeply.   It draws you towards the person with mãna.  

Like a great painting, it is an emotional response that does not pass through the thinking process.  It just “is”—in the blink of an eye—and it is there, or it is not there.  Not everyone will respond in the same way to a thing with “mãna.”  But, if the responses are mostly positive, that business survives in the world.  If it does not, it dies.

Those positive responses result in profit and forward thrust in your business.  The negative responses result in loss and discontinuity.  A place without mãna has a negative vibe that is difficult to reverse.  Think of all the restaurants that you visited once and never went back.

If you think about the people and things in your life you will see mãna everywhere and you will also know when it’s not there.  Unconsciously we move toward things with mãna and away from things that lack it.

Mãna grows out of the character of the owner—it is the “something else” that allows a small business to thrive.  Businesses without that “something else” usually fail. 

Mãna is occurs when an owner has learned to follow the thread of “truth responses” in life.  It is a thing created from the depths of one psyche that resonates in a customer’s psyche.  If there, it means that a business gradually has a life of its own.  It is alive and generates energy in the recipient.

That feeling of aliveness is what we all seek and is the basis for all small business success. Customers don’t really know what they want, until they taste your Mãna—your unique flavor or vibe.  Mãna is the reason you go back again and again to a favorite restaurant, store or hair salon.  It is the basis of customer loyalty and profitability.

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