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We are wired for stories. We’re looking for clues to questions in our own lives in the lives of others.  This book is a series of stories about you; a small business owner and your passions.  It’s a story that changed how I saw myself and my business and allowed me to discover my own passion.

Solving the "Small Business puzzle"

get beyond the jargon of business to the human story

a "How to" road mapping system for growing a small business

Living By Your Wits are the stories and insights from my career as a CPA and consultant to small businesses. It started back when I created a financial workshop—“The 3-Day MBA”—for small business owners intent on understanding their financial statements.

That workshop contained many stories from working with my clients. Those stories led to a small business “advice column” in the Sacramento Business Journal that ran for several years under the title “The Profit Process®.”

The initial workshop and the columns morphed into a series of  small business know-how” workshops that built on each other; covering the arc from a sole owner “start-up,” to a business with a “value stream” that allowed for its sale, when the owner was ready to move on.

Now these columns and workshops have become the source material for Living By Your Wits, a book of case stories, tools and a discussion guide for owners and advisors to small business owners. You can read the first chapter by registering here:

The Blog—"Stories and Hits at 3 am"

Our brains are wired for stories, that's how we learn. There is drama in the day-to-day struggle to prosper by your own effort. These stories lead to “hits” of how we “create value” in our own business. The heart of the book, and the blog on this website, are the stories of “hits” that resulted in hard earned wisdom from my clients. Here is one of the stories:

The Profit Process® was a column of stories in the Sacramento Business Journal providing solutions and advice to small business owners. Our brains are wired for stories, that's how we learn. The book and blog contain many of these stories. Click here to read "A Tale of Two Businesses." It is the story of a family business, and the difficulty and drama of planning for succession.

A Tale of Two Businesses

Tom and Ted were twin brothers who inherited a business from their father, a farmer who had invented an innovative piece of farm equipment. For twenty years the successful business grew to included manufacturing other farm implements.

But, a couple of years after Dad's death, without Dad’s touch, profits started to wane. Conflicts rose between the brothers. Rather than bicker, they split the product lines in two. For a time both succeeded, but then one took off, while the other eventually failed.

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