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Don Morrison's Profit Process® Workshops are now in book format
with client stories, a discussion guide for owners and teams, and “how to” templates for tracking and increasing profits.

We are wired for stories. We’re looking for clues to questions in our own lives in the lives of others.  This book is a series of stories about you; a small business owner and your passions.  It’s a story that changed how I saw myself and my business and allowed me to discover my own passion.

Our brains are wired for stories—of success and failure—that’s how we learn. Here’s a story of both.

A Tale of Two Businesses

Tom and Ted were twin brothers who inherited a business from their father, a farmer who had invented an innovative piece of farm equipment. For twenty years the successful business grew to included manufacturing other farm implements.

But, a couple of years after Dad's death, without Dad’s touch, profits started to wane. Conflicts rose between the brothers. Rather than bicker, they split the product lines in two. For a time both succeeded, but then one took off, while the other eventually failed.